About Us

Are you planning your own High School Reunion ? We will send a photographer to your reunion at any location in the country at no charge. We will take classmates individual/couple portraits, a class group photo, and candid shots throughout the evening, all at no charge or obligation to the Reunion Committee. Classmates will have a chance to order their individual photos from packages beginning at $18.95, as well as a Candid Picture CD (all the candid photos taken that night) and a Class Group Photo bordered in the school colors with the school mascot on it. We are a high school and military reunion Photography and Memory Book company based in Southern California and serve reunions nationwide. We have 34 years of experience serving over 3800 high school and military reunions and bring with us a wealth of experience, support, and expertise.

Group Photo

We offer portrait, group and candid photography at your reunion and 2 types of full color memory books. We will take photographs at your reunion whether or not you order memory books from us or not. We also offer our memory book printing service to those Reunion Committees or individual photographers who choose to do their own photography but desire a memory book of the reunion, as well as to independent photographers.

We take great pride in being able to offer our portrait and group photography to ensure that your reunion night goes smoothly. We want you and your classmates to focus on what you are there for--having a great time with as few distractions as possible.

Click here to request our free information packet on our photography and memory book services, and our free book "Isn't it Time for a Reunion" - A "how-to" book for planning your reunion.

Click here to request our memory book only package where you will supply us with photos from your reunion for incorporation into a memory book.